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Peninsula Business Services are renowned for providing Employment Law services to businesses throughout the UK. Our client base is wide and varied as is the experience of our professional, legally qualified Consultants. Our services include employment documentation, Employment Law advice, legal representation, and Employment law seminars. No matter what problem you face as an employer we have probably dealt with a similar situation before and we have the experience, sources and information available. We believe that our clients deserve the best service possible in a complicated and highly specialised field.

Using Peninsula services will benefit your business

When you become a Peninsula client the benefits to your business can include:


Peninsula Employment Law Consultant Services

As well as our expert employment tribunal services, the specialist knowledge of Peninsula’s employment law consultants can be tailored to your particular business.
Firstly, you’ll be speaking to an employment law specialist every time you call the 24 hour advice line. This resource is invaluable if you or someone in your HR department has an urgent query, as you can get the answer you’re looking for immediately, tailored to your specific situation. Of course, you can also call our specialists to discuss how to adapt your policies in light of any new legislation.
Secondly, clients can arrange a visit from one of our health and safety consultants. They will review your current safety policy and advise on ways to improve it. We can then prepare and install a bespoke health and safety management system, using our HR software to track and manage responsibilities, and our fire risk assessment software to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes.
Finally, Peninsula clients can book bespoke employment law training. These sessions will be delivered to your managers and HR department, and can be tailored to include all the things you need to know, depending on your industry and the staff you employ. Our employment law specialists deliver these practical, interactive training courses, drawing on their extensive real-life experience.

Benefits of an Employment Law specialist

An employment law specialist can make a big difference to your business, providing the support and guidance you need to prevent damaging or expensive tribunal claims against the company. If you do not have an in-house employment law specialist, Peninsula are on hand to provide the experienced and professional support you need.
There are countless potential issues relating to employment law, including workplace bullying, maternity leave, holiday pay, health and safety regulations, as well as numerous other essential legal obligations. Our employment law specialists can also ensure that your business is in line with TUPE regulations should the occasion arise.

What Peninsula can do for you

There are many ways you can take advantage of the knowledge and experience possessed by the experts at Peninsula. One option which has proved to be highly popular and successful is an employment webinar – an online training session designed to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to employment law. By educating the workers at your company about employment law, the potential for problems is greatly reduced.
Of course, even with the greatest possible amount of training, issues can still arise from time to time. If you are faced with an employment law problem, don’t let it have an adverse affect on your company. Get in touch with the experts at Peninsula, who will quickly and professionally help you get the issue under control, in a manner which benefits the employer and employee alike.

Our Employment Law app

Ever wished you had an experienced and knowledgeable Peninsula employment law consultant you could carry around in your pocket? You’re in luck.
Peninsula has launched an Employment Law app, allowing business owners, HR professionals and employers to get crucial legal advice on the go. This library of expert advice on a whole range of topics can be installed on your smartphone, meaning you can get the answers you need wherever you are. Of course, our clients also have access to the 24/7 employment law helpline; but the app is ideal for situations where discretion is important.
The colourful, easy-to-use Employment Law app is essentially a mobile version of our popular online A-Z employment law advice guide, which was written by our experienced team of legal professionals. We have worked with thousands of companies over the years to provide health and safety, tax advice, and even employment tribunal help; employers can therefore rest assured the legal advice in our app is reliable. Comprehensive information and facts are available for topics as diverse as retirement, wages, transfers and bank holidays, all regularly updated to reflect the latest changes in legislation.
The Peninsula Employment Law app is available now, with compatibility for more devices coming soon. Click here to download it for free

24 Hour Advice Service

Our services include unlimited access to Employment Law advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We receive all relevant Law Reports and new legislation, as they are published, and take account of current best practice when advising our clients. Our qualified team of Consultants is available at every stage of the process right through to representing you at Employment Tribunal.
To protect your business from the costs of defending Employment Tribunal claims, the service can also include an insurance indemnity policy. This policy provides cover for legal expenses, awards and representation at Tribunal.
If you are interested in our 24 hour employment law service or want to know what Peninsula can do for your business, then please phone 0800 328 9348 and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements