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Health and Safety, HR & Employment Law White Papers

Please find a list of our whitepapers we have available to view. Click on the image of the whitepaper to download.

We want to help you sweep away the barriers that prevent employers from developing their businesses, moving to new premises or taking on new staff. The amount of bureaucracy has got out of hand and is doing real damage to the UK economy and that harms our society as a whole and businesses in general.

That’s why we spend so much time looking at costs, supplies, materials, rent and rates, utilities, transport, stock, staff, salaries, expenses, insurance bank charges, depreciation and the list goes on and on. There is one item here that we often focus on but not always from the right angle, it is staff and salaries.

I want to show you how to turn the employment law rule book upside down and make those regulations help you to get the most out of every person who works for you.

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