Health & Safety Projects Manager

Job Detail

Job Title: Health & Safety Projects Manager

Salary: £34,000 - £38,000 + benefits

Location: Manchester

Posted: 31/05/2024


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Job Title:                                Health & Safety Projects Manager


Main Purpose of Job:  To respond to requests from clients and provide Health and Safety advice and the day to day running of the Projects team.


Responsible to:                     Health and Safety Associate Director




  • To respond to requests (telephone or electronic) from clients and provide relevant technically and legally correct Health and Safety advice in a professional and practical manner.
  • To provide telephone/e-mail advice.
  • To train all advisors and senior advisors and to regularly update the team on relevant changes to legislation and guidance
  • To provide practical support to clients in using their online systems and make pro-active calls to clients in support of their H&S service.
  • To manage complaints and super service issues relating to advisors and senior advisors.
  • To liaise with external Enforcement, and other, Agencies on behalf of clients, when approved and requested by Senior Management.
  • To amend, following a client request, management systems and risk assessments.
  • To quality check the advice given by advisors and senior advisors
  • Development of H&S systems and elearning and implementing plans to generate health and safety content.
  • Responsible for the Day to day running of the health and safety projects team.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the department and the overall business objectives of the organisation.



or call 0161 836 9043

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