The IT industry

The IT industry has helped revolutionise business around the globe. Taking on complex tasks on a daily basis such as technical support for clients, software engineering, systems/network management and other essential support that businesses around the world would simply fail without.

IT businesses, from small start-ups to global corporations, rely as much on the smooth functioning of important HR and Health & Safety elements as any other business. A depleted workforce means a depleted skill set and working at a computer screen all day raises several health and safety concerns; employers must ensure they can manage absenteeism issues and ensure all employees have the correct equipment and a safe environment to work in.

Services Peninsula offer

The biggest fear for employers is the consequences of handling HR and Health & Safety issues the wrong way. If due to insufficient equipment, an employee develops repetitive strain injuries (for example), then an employer may be held responsible and be taken to tribunal.

Peninsula provide expert HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety advice and documentation in order to guard employers from allegations of malpractice and protect employees from harm. Some of the services Peninsula offer include:

  • Employment law advice
  • Payroll advice
  • Legal representation and insurance
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Employment law advice and documentation
  • HR advice and assistance
  • A Health & Safety Management System
  • Risk Assessment guidance

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