5 social media hacks to help grow your business

Peninsula Team

January 30 2017

Whatever industry you’re in, social media marketing is a cheap yet powerful tool that can help you grow your business—as long as you do it right. Unfortunately, many businesses think that merely having an online presence is enough. If you’re in that camp, you may as well be shouting into an empty void. And we hope to change your thinking. Because social media for business is about much more than the odd update, it demands strategy. Help is here. Read the top five social media tips you need to know:
  1. Get involved in the conversation
Social media changed the relationship between businesses and their customers. Now, you can listen to what people say and act upon it. Get this right, and you’re more likely to increase brand loyalty. Also, a vast amount of consumers now use social media for customer service. People will expect fast responses from you, so master this to keep customers happy and outperform your competition.
  1. ‘Spy’ on your competitors
It’s not as sinister as it sounds—everything’s already out there on social media for you to see. But using it as a research tool is a great way to learn what your competitors are doing. If you have a lot of competition and think that could be time-consuming, use software like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to look at multiple mentions of services and products. That way, you’ll see what others are doing and make sure that you do it even better.
  1. Be the authority in your industry
There’s a lot of noise on social media, with plenty of other businesses vying for your customers’ attention. So, your posts need to stand out from the crowd. The trick is to think like your clients; give them what they’re interested in and what will help make their lives better. Be bold and share information for free—people crave quality content. Write as you speak because a bland, dull presence does nothing for your business. It helps that whoever manages your accounts has a bit of personality, too.
  1. The power of good imagery
People tend to notice and engage with image-based social media posts much more than text-only ones. And well thought-out, eye-catching images perform best of all. All your posts should be different, even if they have the same message. Try to build a library of the best images you can get hold of and resize each one so all fit perfectly on each social media platform.
  1. Measure, measure, measure
It is impossible to know if your posts are a success without tracking data. Most platforms will have an analytics page you can use. We also suggest using Google Analytics alongside these platforms. Analytics are incredibly useful to see which posts are well-received, letting you focus your future efforts on content that resonates with your target audience. Bio Stephanie Jones is a social media expert for Peninsula and has been with the company for one year. 

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