A day in the life of Business Safety Consultant - Chris Wagstaff

Peninsula Team

October 16 2015

As a Business Health and Safety Consultant, no two days at work are ever the same. My name is Chris Wagstaff and I have been with Peninsula for just over 6 months, covering the Dartford and Thurrock postcode areas. From the moment I started at Peninsula I have felt welcomed, supported and somewhat busy! I have a large and varied portfolio of clients and due to my local area I have many haulage, distribution and warehousing clients, although my clients also include the local football club and go-karting centre. My first visit today starts at 9:30am with a new haulage client. My research tells me they are a new company transporting animal feed and plastic pellets, and a brief chat with the Director last week tells me they have had a recent incident they may need support with. I arrive at the client’s yard and after a brief introduction, the client leads me straight to his office and we start discussing the business activities and structure. I note down all the information I need to ensure his documentation is bespoke and suitable for his business, and we have a brief familiarisation tour of his premises. We then register the client for our online health and safety management system ‘BusinessSafe Online’, and I demonstrate how to use the system and how the system can help him. I inform the client of the 24 hour telephone health and safety advice service, and provide him with my contact details to ensure he feels supported and satisfied. Before leaving the client I make sure he is happy and we have covered everything he was hoping to. We set a revisit date for 4 weeks’ time and I leave to visit my next client. With lunch on the move I have 45 minutes to get there. My afternoon client has been with Peninsula for a number of years, and when I arrive we have a good chat about how business has been (and the rugby scores) over a coffee. The client then tells me he needs help with his CHAS application due to a new work contract. After 3 hours of collating health and safety records, updating documentation and completing the application, we have all the information we need and submit the application. Before leaving the client I ensure he is happy with the support he has been given, make a note in the diary to call him the following week, and after a warm goodbye I head towards the Dartford Tunnel home. Last minute appointment changes mean I have to spend a short while researching tomorrow’s clients and travel routes. Another great day meeting clients and supporting them with their businesses.  For more information on how Chris or any of our BusinessSafe consultants could help your business, please call us on 0844 892 2785 (option 2).         

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