A Day in the Life of a Business-Safety Consultant

Peninsula Team

July 09 2012

Well I can safely say that no day is ever the same for a Business Health and Safety Consultant. My day starts with a 6:30 am alarm call, with a view to be out visiting my first client who has a 9:00 am appointment. Depending on the travel distance to my first client I can be turning the key on the car at 7:00am to start a journey to see my first client. My first client of the day is a new light haulage client, so I carried out some pre appointment preparation last night, researching the client on the internet and reviewing notes on the transport industry to ensure that I was refreshed on this type of industry before the visit. The first visit to any new client is called a Principal Visit, this visit is a fact finding exercise which allows me to establish the client’s level of compliance regarding health and safety and prepare a detailed Evaluation Report. Further to this I am required to collect all relevant information for me to produce a business safe management system for the client. On arrival at the client’s premises I was greeted with a smile and a lot of expectations!! This is not unusual and to prevent any misunderstandings, I always explain to my clients at the start of my visit what service they will be receiving as part of their contract. A cup of tea and a welcome chat always breaks the ice and provides me with a good platform to discuss in detail what the company actually does from the start of the business process to the end. Every client is different and this one is no exception, I had only been on site for 30 minutes and the client gave me a notice issued by the local enforcement authority for insufficient procedures in place for safe vehicle movement in the company yard. I take a note of the details and inform the client that we will discuss this concern once we have had a walk around the all areas of the business. Four hours later I have compiled enough information to draft an Evaluation Report that will guide the client on how to make their business safer for both employees and anyone else who may have dealings with the company. I have drawn up a template that will allow me to produce a set of business specific documents that will allow the client to manage health and safety within the workplace and meet legal requirements. I have introduced the client to the risk assessment process and demonstrated to the client the online health and safety management tool (SafetyWise). It’s now 1:15 pm, I summarise on what we have discussed, what we have achieved and how the client can prepare for my next visit (written Action Plan handed over to confirm). Phew, 45 minutes to get to my next appointment, good job it’s only 5 miles away. Lunch on the move and ready for my next client at 2pm. My afternoon appointment is with a client that has been with Peninsula Business Services Ltd for 3 years, a children’s nursery. A meet and greet session is carried out first and we discuss their last Evaluation Report to see how they are getting on with the recommendations in their last Action Plan. Good news, for me and a big smile, as they have addressed nearly all of the points I raised last year. It’s great to see a client that has listened and acted on my advice, it’s what makes my job so rewarding. We spend time reviewing their risk assessments and other safety relevant documentation prior to a walk around the site to review work processes and collect information for their next Evaluation Report. It’s now 5:15pm and with a brief summary of what was discussed, observed and agreed I ask the million dollar question of “How did you find the visit and have I met all of your expectations?” A polite response of “yes” was given which gave me the lead in to ask if they knew anyone else that might gain from our services. One referral later, (bargain), I’m on my way home.   6:30 pm I’m closing the door on my car and then dropping my briefcase in my home office. Dinner, emails, a check to see where I am tomorrow and bed. Today’s been a good day, who knows what’s in store for tomorrow. A new day, a new challenge and a new notebook. by Peninsula Business-Safety Consultancy

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