Are traditional recruitment techniques nearing their sell by date?

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

September 23 2015

As the recruitment game is constantly changing and the need to find great talent is increasing, is relying on a simple job advertisement and CV really enough? There is no straightforward answer to this, as job advertisements has been engrained into our culture for years and for many organisations stills pays dividends. What it boils down to is competition for the right candidates. We always hear about how job-seekers should make themselves stand out to employers, but equally as important, is how companies can target and attract the right employees. Standing out from the crowd is an extremely important component for any organisation during the recruitment process, particularly due to the fact that job-seekers now have access to a wealth of information, which enables them to gain an insight into how a company operates and treats their employees. With the employment population widening, particularly in terms of age, it is important for companies to consider their recruitment techniques strategically. The recruitment method businesses decide to opt for should also be a reflection of their brand identity and company culture. If you’re an organisation that prides itself on innovation and being at the forefront of the industry, perhaps the standard job advertisement isn’t the best approach to take. One option would be to use a non-traditional form of media such a video or podcast, which will in effect give job candidates a taste of what working for you would be like. The saying ‘images speak louder than words’ should ring true in this situation, as a video recruitment feature could be the best way to differentiate you from other companies and attract a candidate who may not have applied to you otherwise. Social media can be another effective platform for recruitment. We spend hours of our day transfixed by what happens in the world around us, so businesses who are searching for talent should utilise this. As the name suggests recruitment in this domain should focus on being social. Make the process fun as well as informative. This could be achieved by creating an open casting type event where job-seekers come along and take part in activities such as interview speed dating or team building challenges including how to pitch and sell a new product or service. These out of the box techniques will showcase candidates in a new light, demonstrating how they cope under pressure, their levels of creativity and whether they work well with others, all of which are beneficial to know before committing to hiring someone. Additionally, why not consider looking at past candidates. There may have been a number of reasons why they were not suitable previously, for example they didn’t match the job description, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be the tight fit now. Not only will this be recruitment be more cost effective for employers, but it will also provide you with warm leads who have shown interest in working for you before. On a closing note, it is important to remember that that the aforementioned recruitment methods do not necessarily work exclusively of each other, but rather they work best as part of a collaborative effort. Traditional recruitment techniques aren’t always bad, but considering new approaches that factor in how society and business has evolved will surely prove beneficial in attracting and selecting the best candidate for a job. For more information on recruitment, please contact our Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.

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