Are you taking employee wellbeing seriously?

Peninsula Team

February 03 2013

An Employee Assistance Programme  is an essential tool for employers who want to safeguard employee well being through an official framework. Health Assured, part of the Peninsula Group, offers an EAP which includes online health and fitness assessments as well as stress audits to spot problems early on. A 24 hour telephone life management and personal support service is also available, where your staff will be able to talk through any problems they are having, in strict confidence. An EAP can provide:
  • Instant access to telephone based and face to face counselling services including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • General information regarding emotional, debt and financial support
  • Allows employees and their immediate family a forum to seek information and support when required
  • Improves performance, productivity and boosts morale
  • Reduces absence and improves employee well being
  • Shows a duty of care and improves employee engagement
  • Employee benefits that helps attract and retain your best staff
Having a well promoted and utilised EAP as part of a business will help support employees when they need it most. Simple changes can also be made to help promote a healthier and energised workforce. These can include healthy strategies, such as providing health and nutrition information coupled with physical activity programmes to help improve overall fitness and health. Regular health screenings can also be a useful way of detecting medical conditions early. They allow a business to manage these conditions and help maintain good employee health. DSE Assessments will help reduce the risk of employees developing ill-health and musculoskeletal conditions associated with computer usage at work. Taking employees seriously and investing in their well being will undoubtedly create a happier more productive workforce. Successful businesses identify the link between the bottom line and their workforce. Employee well being is not a concept or luxury benefit; it is essential. For more info regarding employee well being and Employee Assistance Programmes, click here.

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