Be specific when thanking your staff.

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

July 15 2015

When informing an employee that you appreciate what they have done, be specific, let them know exactly what it is that they have achieved and why they deserve gratitude. This lets the employee feel satisfied but at the same time the employee is more likely to do whatever it was they achieved again. Do we thank people enough? I am unsure but as employers and managers we should make an effort and dedicate time to thank staff and also to be specific to why we are thankful. Employees are more likely to feel valued if we dedicate time to thank them for their hard work. Finally also remember to thank staff for their effort and dedication. Work output is clearly very important however when an employee goes ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to effort then this should also be rewarded and help to enforce to your workforce that the effort made by everyone is very much appreciated by management - again this helps to boost motivation. For more information and advice on employee wellbeing issues contact Health Assured

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