Beat the Monday blues

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

July 20 2015

Monday morning blues happen to us all, the weekend may have been enjoyable, we wish that it would last forever and then before we know it Monday has arrived and the time has come to return to work. Many people enjoy their job however for some it may mean more of an effort it fills them with dread the night before. However I am always of the opinion that you should find a job that you are passionate about, this way it never feels like work but more like something that you enjoy. The hard work is finding something that you are passionate about and I strongly believe that it is worth the effort. Life really is too short and I am thankful that I have found a career that excites me, provides me with challenges and at the same time utilises the skills that I posses. So make an effort and find something that you will fulfil your passion, satisfy your own ambitions and most of all enjoy what it you are doing.

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