Better employment protection for army reservists

Peninsula Team

January 27 2013

The Government consultation, ‘Future Reserves 2020: Delivering the Nation’s Security Together’, focuses on a more open relationship between Army Reservists, their employers, and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the wake of the Government’s decision to reduce the number of the country’s full time army complement and increase the number of reserves.

The consultation proposes the following:
  • Employer’s Charter: A voluntary employer’s charter which would enable employers to publicly show that they support Reservists
  • Preventing disadvantage to Reservists: Added protection so that Reservists do not suffer a detriment, including the possibility of amending the relevant discrimination laws.
  • ‘Kitemark’ Reward Scheme – Tiered approach to publicly recognise employers who support the reserve service. This would not involve a financial reward, just represent their ‘status’.
  • Financial Award – When an employee is mobilised, employers will benefit from an award to compensate them, in addition to current awards in place (currently capped at £110 per day).
  • Universal Accreditation for Reservist Training – Employees who undertake training as part of their involvement with the reserve services will have the training recognised on a civilian level.
  • Feedback from Commanding Officers - Employers could receive detailed and regular feedback from their employee’s superiors, to detail what they are doing to keep lines of communication open.
More definite plans, as a result of this consultation, are expected in Spring 2013.

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