Boosting productivity throughout the summer months

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

June 29 2015

Over the summer months, it’s understandable that many workers begin to lose focus; either distracted by the rare spells of warm weather, or drifting off to distant locations by planning their next holiday. Even the mention of how nice the weather is can lead to a lengthy team discussion. It is important throughout this period to find ways of motivating your employees to focus on tasks in hand and not let productivity falter. Here are some of our favourite tips for keeping your workforce motivated throughout summer. Embrace the summer vibe and offer cold treats as an incentive. Though this may seem a little childish, in actuality, many employees appreciate their favourite childhood treats when it gets warm outside. Consider stocking up on a variety of ice-lollies and ice creams and handing them out as rewards for hard work and dedication to tasks. Offer a pub lunch for a team or group of employees that have shone out amongst their peers. It’s lovely weather and; though we don’t condone alcohol consumption within working hours; lunch at a local pub or restaurant will be at the forefront of most employees’ minds. By offering that privilege, you are demonstrating that you understand your employees and you are willing to reward their hard work. On particularly hot days, allow your employees to dress in their summer apparel. It’s hard enough to concentrate in the summer haze without being restricted by uncomfortable uniform and formal wear.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast. For your workers who have met their expected targets, or for those who have excelled in their role despite the summer-slump, consider offering an extra half hour for lunch or leaving early to catch the last of sunshine at home. This is a big incentive for anyone, but especially parents who want to spend as much time over the school summer break with their children. We experience a large number of calls to our advice service over the summer months from employers requesting advice on dealing with absenteeism and slumps in production; though the above incentives won’t absolutely prevent employees from taking time off or losing concentration, they will at least encourage a positive working atmosphere and keep most – if not all – focused on tasks.

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