BusinessSafe Online Update

Peninsula Team

August 20 2013

To all intents and purposes one may think the health and safety world has gone quiet.  Whilst there have been a few high profile prosecutions the usual media interest in so called health and safety “stories” has calmed down considerably. We have however continued working behind the scenes interpreting the political and HSE communications based on the drive to cut the bureaucracy surrounding health and safety.  As an organisation we have continually tried to simplify health and safety management but ensure we provide practical and pragmatic advice to help ensure clients are compliant with their statutory obligations. Our main focus for the last few months has been the development of our electronic part of our comprehensive health and safety service. BusinessSafe Online was officially launched as part of our integrated service in April this year following extensive development and client trials.  Mindful of the drive to ‘simplify’ health and safety compliance, in building this element we have also reviewed our service delivery.  One of the biggest challenges for clients when managing their responsibilities is keeping track of what needs to be done and when it should be done by.  This has become even more important with the introduction by the HSE of the “Fee for Intervention” policy late in 2012.  This enables the HSE to charge employers for their time on site when they have been to deal with material breaches of health and safety legislation (currently £124 per hour).  Through our new and interactive online service we can set up with clients their responsibilities, plan when the actions need to be taken by and through our ‘task’ procedure notify business owners or their managers that certain tasks need to be undertaken for example: hold fire drills, review insurance certification for the fork lift trucks.  We have simplified our risk assessment pro-formas and our head office team will be able to proactively support clients “online” with issues they may have.  We are currently developing a new online telephone application that keeps managers constantly up to date with any of their delegated health and safety tasks/responsibilities.  We have designed this in such a way that we have integrated the traffic light process to help prompt/ensure action is taken at the appropriate time therefore helping ensure compliance.  By utilising this new support tool, making use of our advice team and the on-site support provided by our Consultants I believe we are offering an excellent business support service in a subject that whilst challenging can be readily built into business owners culture.  So whilst it may appear to be quiet in “health and safety” we are continually working to improve both our products and our service delivery. By Noel Pilling

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