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Peninsula Team

October 22 2010

As we are galloping towards the end of the calendar year, for a lot of organisations this means we are also fast approaching the end of the current leave year. As such, managing the number of days of leave which has been taken from individual employee’s entitlement comes sharply into focus. With it now being only 10 weeks to the end of year it maybe tricky for staff to take time off, particularly if your enterprise is demand-led with busy periods coming up during the festive season.

Using BusinessWise to log the holiday booked by your workforce allows you to keep track, on an individual basis, of how much of their entitlement each employee has booked and accordingly how many days of entitlement are remaining. This is viewed via each Employee Record and provides an at-a-glace summary of entitlement.

EmployWise Reports feature also includes a number of helpful management information reports which allow holidays booked or already taken to be easily identified either by individual, by department or across the company as a whole. These include the Absence Calendar report which gives an at-a-glance, colour-coded summary of all absences taken by an individual over the current calendar year.

We have also developed, on the basis of client feedback, a report which will make forward-planning even easier. The practical Absence Planner report presents information for a group of employees for a set time period meaning it is easy to understand who within your workforce is absent at any given time, and will make decision-making on granting, or indeed denying, holiday requests a quick and easy process.

All these features are uncomplicated, easy to access and simple to use and yet are of immense help to our clients giving valuable assistance in the ongoing challenges of managing a workforce taking legitimate, legally entitled time away from work.

For further guidance on the effective management of your employee’s holiday entitlements, our 24 Hour Advice Service is on hand to assist and can help you with any issue regardless of how trivial it may seem. Call or log a Request for Advice via BusinessWise and one of our Advisers will provide the support you need.

BusinessWise offers a range of tools and features to registered users to assist in managing the ongoing obligations associated with running an effective and legally-compliant business and is provided as part of our portfolio of consultancy services. If you are not yet a Peninsula client, simply go to and click on ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch.

For more information on the services available to you through BusinessWise, contact the Helpdesk on 0844 892 2780.

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