BusinessWise: Employment Reference Manual

Peninsula Team

October 08 2010

Peninsula’s consultancy service are provided to help you make the complicated areas of Employment Law and Health & Safety less daunting and more manageable, leaving you with more time to spend on the other important aspects of running your business.

We are aware that our users need to be able to get what they need, when they need it and that is one of the main reasons why BusinessWise, our online service is made available exclusively to Peninsula clients at no extra charge. The service provides on demand access to key information, documentation and also provides a great facility for requesting advice when a phone call is either impractical or inappropriate.

One of the most important decisions we took when we began the in-house design process was to provide our electronic service via the internet. The advantages of this method of delivery we believe far outweighed those of the alternatives such as software which is installed locally. Providing your service online means we have the flexibility to ensure that the information available to you via BusinessWise is always up to date.

With the introduction of the comprehensive and far-reaching Equality Act at the beginning of October 2010, your organisation needs reliable sources of reference to ensure you are aware of and meeting your new and existing legal obligations when it comes to anti-discriminatory employment practises. The Employment Reference Manual, available via the EmployWise section of BusinessWise, is exactly that – a reliable source of information which is consistently up to date. We will continue to update and amend the contents of this valuable resource as and when legislation or indeed case law changes so that you will always have the best possible reference materials available to you – online and on demand.

We will ensure you are aware of all changes we make to the Employment Reference Manual via the News Feed on the BusinessWise Home page and via the Messages system within your account. You can also take advantage of the Email Alerts feature available from your account which allows you to opt-in for email alerts for a range of issues – including Employment Reference Manual updates.

Our online service BusinessWise provides you with an easy and straightforward way to keep up to date with only the most relevant Employment and Health & Safety issues: we don’t and wont clutter our news feed with trivial or banal matters nor do we believe it is of any use to you to give information simply for information’s sake. The updates we provide are relevant and concise, helping you to have a best practice approach to the management of your employees without taking up too much of your time.

For further help managing your legal obligations, our 24 Hour Advice Service is on hand to assist you with any issue regardless of how trivial it may seem on 0844 892 2772. Call or log a Request for Advice via BusinessWise and one of our Advisers will be more than happy to help.

BusinessWise offers a range of tools and features to registered users to assist in managing the ongoing obligations associated with running an effective and legally-compliant business and is provided as part of our portfolio of consultancy services. If you are not yet a Peninsula client, simply go to and click on ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch.

For more information on the services available to you through BusinessWise, contact the Helpdesk on 0844 892 2780.

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