BusinessWise: Health and Safety Documents Online and On-Demand.

Peninsula Team

March 25 2011

The SafetyWise section of BusinessWise is available to all Peninsula clients who have health and safety services on their current agreement. SafetyWise users will have online and on-demand access to an extensive library of Guidance Notes on legislation, along with bespoke H&S Documentation and a full archive of Site Evaluations.

H&S Management Documents are the bespoke documents created by our Health and safety Consultants using information gained during Principal Visits. These documents make up your Health and Safety Policy and are added to BusinessWise as well as being sent to you in hard copy. They remain on BusinessWise should you need to access them at any point or need to replace any missing documentation.

Also, as part of a full Health and Safety Agreement, our Consultants will carry out evaluations of your premises. During these visits any potential health and safety issues are discussed, along with plans of action, observations, consultant’s recommendations etc and are then compiled into an easy to understand Site Evaluation Report. As well as a hard copy being sent, these Evaluations are placed in a full, chronological archive, allowing you to access any Evaluation carried out at any site. This can prove helpful if your business is made up of many separate premises or simply to refresh your memory on any previous issues.

A vast and impressive catalogue of legislation Guidance Notes are available via SafetyWise. These Guidance Notes are provided to assist you in dealing with the safety arrangements that have been identified within your Health and Safety Policy. They will allow you to meet your legal requirements and in some cases advise you on best practice controls which have been established by enforcing agencies and industrial / commercial organisations. The Guidance Notes are arranged into categories for ease of access, allowing users to set their most popular notes as bookmarks.

Finally, the Stationery section holds a range of H&S Checklists to help you carry out your responsibilities. From forklift trucks and vehicles checks to food temperature logs and ladder inspections, they can all be found here.

If you are a Peninsula client and are not yet taking advantage of the BusinessWise complimentary service, or you are a BusinessWise user who requires more information on any issue raised in this article, please contact the BusinessWise Helpdesk on 0844 892 2780 Monday – Friday 9am-5.30pm where a member of the team will on hand to assist.

BusinessWise offers a range of tools and features to registered users to assist in managing the ongoing obligations associated with running an effective and legally-compliant business and is provided as part of our portfolio of consultancy services. If you are not yet a Peninsula client, simply go to and click on ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch.

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