BusinessWise: How to add staff holidays.

Peninsula Team

June 10 2011

To utilise the Absences tool within Peninsula BusinessWise you will first need to ensure you have your Employee Records entered to your BusinessWise account. Once these records are in place it couldn’t be simpler to maintain up-to-date, accurate holiday recording:

• Login to your BusinessWise account

• Navigate to the EmployWise section by clicking on the tab on the grey navigation bar on screen (under the BusinessWise logo)

• Once in the EmployWise section, the static menu bar gives you access to all of the EmployWise tools quickly and easily.  The menu bar is organised into three sections Employees, Advice and Documents.

• The Absences option can be located in the left hand section (Employees) of this menu.  Click on Absences to access the Absence Management screen.

• Once in the Absence management screen the ‘Daily Absences’ section is displayed.  To add a Holiday, first locate the name of the employee by using the drop-down list on the left of the screen – highlight the name of the employee and click on the green ‘Create New Employee Absence Period’ link.

• The data entry fields are then displayed allowing you to enter the start and end date of the holiday.  This can be done manually or by using the Calendar feature.  The number of days absent should be entered into the ‘Working Days Absent’ field.

• Select Holiday from the list in the ‘Reasons’ drop-down field then click update.

• This Holiday will then be updated within the Employee Record to count down the individual’s holiday entitlement.  It will also populate all management reports ensuring that your records remain consistent and up-to-date.

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