BusinessWise: Keeping Efficient Employee Records

Peninsula Team

May 21 2010

When employing staff on a temporary or fixed-term basis it is as important to have accurate and reliable records about these members of staff. This is not least because temporary or work experience staff can later become permanent but also because these staff provide a value to a business and as such should be managed with the same approach taken to permanent staff. Peninsula’s online service BusinessWise, available exclusively to our retained clients, can help in achieving this.

Within EmployWise there are two key fields which allow users to identify the basis upon which a member of staff is employed – these are within each ‘Employee Record’ – available via the ‘View Current’ menu item.

The first of these, the ‘Current Status’ field within the ‘Other Details’ tab, identifies the basis on which a member of staff is currently working for you, or if not, the reason they left your employ. This status enables the Employee Record to be easily archived to the ‘Former Employees’ area of the account if a reason for termination is identified. This also means that employee records can quickly be reinstated if a member of staff returns to your employ and also that the records associated with that employee are not deleted and lost forever should you need to refer back to the record in the future.

The drop-down list of Status’ includes Employed Part Time; Retired and even in the most unfortunate of cases Deceased. Where a temporary member of staff leaves your employ, you can set the Current Status as appropriate - e.g. Resigned - and the record is then automatically moved to and accessible from the View Former area of EmployWise. If/when that person returns, the Employee Record can be reinstated by altering the Current Status and the record once again appears in the View Current area of EmployWise.

In addition to this general employment status, the Job Roles section of an Employee Record also enables a user to build up a simple audit trail of the different positions held by an employee. Each position entered has mandatory fields including the Contract type field which means that the roles held by members of your workforce can be defined as Fixed Term; Temporary etc. These tools allow you to clearly define the basis on which you employ staff and the flexibility of the Employee Record features means that you can manage information relating to work experience or temporary staff just as easily as you can for permanent members of your team.

BusinessWise offers a range of tools and features to registered users to assist in managing the ongoing obligations associated with running an effective and legally-compliant business. To find out more, call the BusinessWise Team on 0844 892 2780.

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