BusinessWise: The BusinessWise Helpdesk on hand to assist.

Peninsula Team

April 08 2011

These days, passwords to access websites are commonplace and necessary to safeguard any confidential information. Along with the increasing use of passwords comes that all too familiar frustration of forgetting them. If you receive the ‘Incorrect Password’ message when logging in or have misplaced your registration details for BusinessWise you call the helpdesk and, after answering a security question, you will be furnished with all your login details over the telephone which will be backed up with a secure email.

But what if you are a Peninsula client and have not yet taken advantage of BusinessWise? Or you may also want to set up other members of your management team to access the system? Again, simply contact the Helpdesk and, after security checks, you will be registered and login details will be sent to you on a separate, secure email allowing instant access to the service.

Now you’re logged in and using the system but ‘What does that button do?’, ‘Where do I find this?’, ‘How do I add that?’ – don’t worry, our trained BusinessWise Administrators can assist. With clear, concise instruction, a member of the team can talk you through how best to utilise BusinessWise and how each section can help with your ongoing responsibilities.

So if any of the above sounds familiar or you have any general BusinessWise queries, the Helpdesk is available on 0844 892 2780 or via email on Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm. The team are trained experts on the system and happy to assist in a friendly manner without using any technical jargon or ‘computer speak’.

BusinessWise offers a range of tools and features to registered users to assist in managing the ongoing obligations associated with running an effective and legally-compliant business and is provided as part of our portfolio of consultancy services. If you are not yet a Peninsula client, simply go to and click on ‘Contact Us’ to get in touch.

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