Calling All Care Providers .Is Your House In Order?

Peninsula Team

October 07 2012

Here at Peninsula Business Services we find that approximately 50% of the 3000 calls that our 24/7 Employment Law Advice Service take each week are from our clients in the Care sector. We define our Care sector client base in its widest terms; Care and Nursing homes, providers of Care in the Community, schools, colleges, Day Nurseries, G.P and Dental practices, Pharmacists et al. All these clients are subject to the stringent standards of a number of Regulatory bodies to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable members of our society. We have developed sector specific handbooks, policies and procedures to protect the businesses of our clients.

How confidently would you answer the following questions?
• My employee handbook is compliant.
• My contracts (statements of main terms) contain mobility clauses that have not lain dormant so that I can require my employees to work flexibly to respond to the changing needs of my service users and business to ensure that I can compete in the market place.
• My gross misconduct disciplinary rules are robust enough to ensure that any dismissals will stand the rigours of An Employment Tribunal
• When I appoint staff I am confident and can evidence that they are both mentally and physically capable and properly trained to deliver     care.
• My staff have access to an Employee Assistance Programme should they need support with health and personal problems.
• I have a sickness/absence handling policy of which my staff are aware and that I apply equally.

The full Peninsula package ensures that our clients are equipped to tick all the boxes should they receive “that visit”.

We have selected a group of experienced Advice Consultants who understand the challenges that face our Care clients. They and we know ,that all employers have problems with employees who will not come to work on time; who will not ring in when they are off sick but in the Care sector there are far greater risks to your customers and your business if you do not respond constructively. We have that commercial focus to give you creative solutions to your problems.


As you are the next group to go forward for CQC registration Peninsula and the MDU have jointly produced an on-line tool for our clients and their members to help you with the process.

For any further clarification, please call our 24 Hour Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.

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