Client Tribunal win sparks recruitment drive for Peninsula

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

October 19 2015

  • Peninsula has received 397 calls from employers in the care industry regarding Tribunal appeals.
  • Peninsula recruits 40 new employment law consultants to support the influx of cases.
Peninsula Business Services recently won a significant case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal for a client in the care industry regarding National Minimum Wage (NMW). The case sets a precedent for care homes that some sleeping hours do not attract NMW. This should have been a welcome relief for care home employers, who due to the most recent case law and government guidance, suggested that, in most care situations, sleep in hours will need to be factored into NMW calculations. In light of this, Peninsula Business Services has so far received 397 calls from employers in the care industry who are concerned about safeguarding their business from possible, and in some instances actual tribunal claims. Alan Price, Employment Law director at Peninsula said today “For many employers their business represents years of blood, sweat and tears that they have shed to help make their company a success, so when an employment tribunal claim, or the possibility of one emerges, it can be extremely stressful and potentially harmful to the future of their business.” Price continues “Employment tribunals are a tricky situation to handle and if not dealt with effectively can lead to expensive ramifications for the company involved. Ensuring you have the right advice should be a priority for every organisation, as without it, employers may feel like they are walking into the lion’s den without protection and knowledgeable expertise. Receiving support and guidance from professionals can often be the difference between leaving a case with a positive outcome and losing the case with negative consequences for the business.” As a result of the influx of calls from concerned employers, Peninsula has recruited 40 new employment law and HR consultants to help cover and support the increase of cases coming through. “Recruiting has always been a top priority for our company, as it is important to give fresh talent a chance to fulfil their true potential, whilst providing them with an opportunity to learn, develop and prosper. We tend to recruit on a continuous basis, but in this instance we hired a larger group than normal in one swoop in order to help us meet the needs of new and existing clients.” “We are proud and excited to introduce more employment law experts into our business as it enables us to continue to provide a first class service to our clients, giving them peace of mind and reassurance when it comes to their day to day business practices and policies, leaving them to do what they do best; run their business.” Price concludes “Whilst the same result cannot be guarantee every time, as each case needs to be analysed on an individual and circumstantial basis, and the aforementioned case does not overturn previous case law, it does give care industry employers something tangible to argue that all sleeping hours do not attract NMW.”

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