Communication with employees is key

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

February 02 2015

It’s good to give praise to your employees, I’m not saying you have to do this each day however once in a while it is good to speak to somebody who may not necessarily be on your radar and tell them what a great job you think they are doing. In my role there are many people that I simply do not get the time to speak with, all for a number of reasons; deadlines, my work commitments, also the fact that employees may be home based.  However I like to try and organise as many “one to one” meetings with people as possible - I think the New Year is the ideal opportunity to do this. Use the meetings to review how individuals performed the year previous, inform them of the objectives for the year ahead, what you expect from them, what else they need from you to enhance performance and remember to provide them with words of encouragement, praising them for their efforts and achievements. This will help boost morale and clearly deliver a message of your expectations for 2015. You will be surprised at just what a morale boost it is when employees that do not normally get your attention are given praise, it really is encouraging. Employees are sometimes left to wonder whether they are doing a good job for you or not. If they are not clear on performance then they will not know what areas in which to improve, it can impact confidence. Of course not everybody is performing to the best of their ability and you may need to provide some words of encouragement to those employees, communication will also allow you to understand whether they need further training or additional tools to perform the task. So take time this week to speak with your workforce, offer them words of encouragement, provide feedback if needed and praise when deserved and this will hopefully continue to boost morale and strengthen the employee / employer relationship.

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