Consultation on the future of zero hours contracts

Peninsula Team

January 14 2014

Following huge press coverage during 2013 on the use of zero hours contracts, the Government has released a consultation asking for views on the future of such contracts. There has been much controversy over the perceived misuse of these contracts because they, sometimes, tie individuals into a contract which provides no guaranteed hours but also restricts them from working elsewhere. The consultation asks questions on these ‘exclusivity clauses’, and whether they should be banned in full. It also asks whether additional guidance and advice would improve the transparency of zero hours contracts, together with an employer-led Code of Practice and model clauses for the contracts. The consultation will run until March 2014 and the Government response is expected in summer 2014. Zero hour contracts are a prominent piece of employment law at the moment, for any further information regarding this topic please call the Peninsula advice service on 0844 892 2772.

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