Director's Cut Bringing The Olympic Spirit Into The Workplace

Peninsula Team

August 23 2012

Many of us were cheering at our TV screens as the London 2012 Olympics captivated us for 2 weeks. There is no doubt that there has been a ‘feel good factor’, but the question is whether this can have an impact in the workplace. The many Olympic athletes are a shining example of achieving your dreams through sheer focus and determination. This may seem a bit heavy to translate to the workplace but in some ways does apply. Some employees may have the extra drive to put in the extra effort at work in order to achieve better results which can only be a positive. It can be simplified by the mantra ‘you get out as much as you put in’; watching Team GBs success may inspire people to change their outlook on work to see the possible future benefits such as improved future job prospects, if they improve their standard of work now. Many sports clubs will be experiencing a huge influx of new interested participants, but undoubtedly as time goes on numbers will fall away again as the Olympic story fades into the past. Surely then the same will happen to those who were inspired in the workplace? The Olympic ‘feel good factor’ will fade and levels of work will return to the normal mediocre standard as before. So if this is the case what can we do to keep the Olympic spirit alive in the workplace? It is up to managers to motivate staff in order to keep levels of productivity at a premium. But of course this is easier said than done. What measures have you put in place to take advantage of the Olympic ‘feel good factor’? Have the Olympics inspired your workforce? As always I welcome your thoughts, please comment in the box below. By Alan Price, group director

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