Directors Cut By Group Director, Alan Price

Peninsula Team

October 16 2012

Proposals for a new type of working relationship was announced last week, 'rights for shares' plan. It means employers can insist on their employee waiving significant employment rights in returns for shares in the company. Under new contracts of employment, employers will be able to ask employees to give up some of their employment rights in return for shares in their company. Giving up entitlements such as the right to claim unfair dismissal, redundancy rights and the right to request flexible working will ease the pressure on employers when taking on new staff who sometimes are reluctant to do so because of employment legislation. Employers will benefit from much more certainty in many areas. It seems a win win situation because employees will also be better off financially. Although the finer details are still to be decided, we think these contracts will be welcomed by small businesses. Naturally I look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions, if you wish to comment please do so below.

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