Do More Great Work written by Michael Bungay Stanier

Peninsula Team

January 27 2012

The author is the founder and senior partner of Box of Crayons, who help organisations make the ‘leap from good work to Great Work’. Through his experience in coaching and facilitating within various organisations around the world, he uses this to focus on practical exercises that identify how to start, analyse and move forward, giving results that enable one to achieve a quality way of working.  He recognises that we spend so much of our time working, that the success we make of it is very relevant. Individuals are not satisfied with the salary alone, they want to have a function that is meaningful - put simply we ought to make every day that we contribute count! 

Stanier fittingly identifies that the above objective is constantly forgotten, and whilst we know we should be doing work that is more meaningful for ourselves and our organisation, somehow other things frequently get in the way. He proposes that our quality of work is affected by increasing one’s personal contribution, which involves playing to ones strengths and having the courage and tenacity to make this happen. He uses fifteen key tools, including conceptual maps to classify what is important individually, what drives us to make the choices we make and how we action them.  

In a nutshell, ‘how you can get into a path to more creative, motivated, and inspired work that is good for you and good for those you work for’.

I found it particularly interesting when he referred to the present day working culture as ‘busy’, rushing from meeting to meeting, remarking that this message is reinforced because technology keeps us over connected, ‘as if being busy was the measure of success’. This little book is a helpful guide, containing basic tools which are quick and easy to adopt, one can take control and focus on work that is engaging and stretching, achieving optimum results for yourself and ultimately the organisation you work within.

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