Early conciliation reminder

Peninsula Team

February 01 2016

Early Conciliation was introduced in spring 2014 making it obligatory for anyone wanting to bring a claim to employment tribunal to contact Acas before they proceed to make the claim. Before the scheme was introduced, anyone wanting to make a tribunal claim simply filled in the relevant forms and sent them off to the tribunal service. However, this is generally no longer possible and if an employee cannot provide evidence to the tribunal that they have complied with the Early Conciliation requirement, their claim cannot proceed. The aim of this new routing process is to allow Acas the opportunity to offer conciliation in the dispute. This entails contacting both parties to the potential claim with a view to reaching an out of court settlement, avoiding the need to go to tribunal itself. In the event that you receive contact from Acas regarding early conciliation, Peninsula offers an Early Conciliation Representation Service whereby we will be the contact point for Acas; advise you on whether a settlement would be a good option for you; and, if it is, what an appropriate settlement sum would be. There are strict time limits involved in Early Conciliation so you should contact the Employment Advice Service to let them know that Acas has been in touch. We will take over from there and see the Early Conciliation process through to resolution.

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