Early Conciliation Representation Service - New from Peninsula Business Services

Peninsula Team

March 11 2014

It is very often the case, that the first our clients know about a claim being brought against them by an employee/ex-employee is when the tribunal papers arrive through the post. From April 2014, however, clients are likely to find out about the claim via a telephone call from Acas in their attempt at conciliation. The Acas representative will attempt to ascertain whether employers are willing to enter into the Early Conciliation process (it is not mandatory for an employer to enter into the process). Peninsula Business Services will provide representation to clients during this Early Conciliation process, free of charge. Therefore, it is very important that, should you receive a call from Acas regarding Early Conciliation of a prospective tribunal claim, you contact us immediately. Here’s what you should do:
  • If you receive contact from Acas regarding Early Conciliation in relation to an employee/ex-employee, you should explain to the Acas officer that you are represented by Peninsula Business Services Ltd for all employment law matters and that we will be dealing with this on your behalf.
  • You must contact the 24 Hour Advice Service as soon as possible on 0844 892 2772. You will need to provide the adviser with the contact details of the Acas officer and the name of the employee/ex-employee in question;
  • Your case will be referred to our Early Conciliation Representation Service and you will receive a telephone call within 24 hours where a consultant will explain the Early Conciliation process to you.
  • The consultant will take your instructions on conciliation and make all contact necessary with Acas, keeping you up to date at all stages.
Successful early conciliation will mean that a claim will not proceed to the employment tribunal in relation to that matter. Where it is not successful, the claim may proceed to the employment tribunal, lodged by the claimant. Our Early Conciliation Representation Service is free of charge dependent on your contractual arrangements with us.

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