Effective ways to get and stay organised

Peninsula Team

October 30 2012

On a daily basis we are all faced with impending deadlines and tasks that need our 100% attention. We realise that we need to get through our lengthy list of tasks, so how best should we tackle such deadlines? What proven methods allow us to accomplish such demanding deadlines? Let me share methods that work for me. Mobile technology such as iPhones, Blackberry devices make it easy for people to get hold of you. There is temptation to pick up your mobile device and check email at any time of the day and that includes first thing in morning and last thing at night. Banish your mobile device from the bedroom, leave it in another room, that way you will not be tempted to respond to emails at unearthly times of the day. However I recommend that you have a notebook at the side of your bed for the times when are inspired, it allows you to jot down your ideas before they are forgotten, not replying to email will free up your mind and provide you with time to come up with ‘fresh thinking’ ideas. First thing in the morning make a list of five tasks you wish to achieve that day, make them your goal to accomplish. Try not to start new tasks if you have work outstanding, this will only add to the pressure of your work day. If possible delegate some of your tasks, good communication and trust is key, make sure your work colleagues know what you are working on, you cannot do everything, you are not a superhero, so delegation will free up your time allowing you to complete your daily tasks and goals. Always write down important names and numbers, I know this sounds obvious but a great deal of time is lost looking for contact names and snippets of information that you need in order to complete a task. If you have written the details down then hopefully you will have the information to hand, freeing up time and allowing you to perform the task in question. If you have a bill to pay or a email to send, do it now. Do not put it off until later in the day, the best time to action is now otherwise you risk forgetting about it altogether. Also concentrate on one task at a time, we all believe we are great at multitasking however we risk not giving each task 100% commitment, so try not to tackle a new task if you are still working on other deadlines. Remember the to-do list you created earlier in the day? Make sure you physically cross off each accomplished task, you will get a sense of achievement each time you do this. Get into the habit of doing this on a daily basis and keep your to-do list close by so you remember what you need to achieve that day. There is nothing wrong with having a routine or a system in place that will help you tackle your daily tasks, hopefully these processes will help you attain goals and organise your tasks effectively. I'd like to hear the affective methods that you use to organise yourself and get productive - add a comment below.  by Alan Price, Group Director

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