Employee Assistance Programmes: How To Reduce Absenteeism

Peninsula Team

June 01 2012

Many organisations wonder what Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s) are all about, palm them off as ‘airy-fairy softie’ counselling stuff or simply have not heard about them, but when you stop to consider the broad range and scope of a Health Assured EAP you will then be thinking how you could not have one! The case for is massive and can be summed up in three words: stress, productivity and absence. Absence costs the UK and Ireland a staggering £28bn a year and a significant proportion of this is stress related. A well-promoted EAP is a very good defence against both stress and absence for the following reasons: • It addresses a wide range of clinical issues such as relationship, abuse, bereavement, work and family related problems. • By also providing access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the therapy of choice for tackling depression and anxiety, we can directly help employees who suffer from these debilitating conditions, which also contribute massively to UK/ROI absence figures. • The Health Assured OH service and specifically ActiveCare, which provides a day 1 OH Advisor led intervention to stress related absence, directly supports employers getting their staff back to work if they have been signed off sick with stress. • Health Assured has a range of online services including Health Risk Assessments and stress questionnaires that drive employee engagement and allow staff to monitor their own health and stress levels. In order to aid productivity Health Assured can add to all of the above the excellent information services that: • Provide access to specialist advice around tax, finances and the law thus ensuring staff are not coming to work distracted and that their minds are on the job knowing they have ready access to suitably trained advisors. • Gives your staff the ability to call trained GPs and Nurses on the Medical Information Helpline confident in the professional knowledge of clinicians who will back up their info with advice and fact sheets. And when you add to these services specifically designed to support managers such as: • The ability to make Helpline Management Referrals for staff who are experiencing emotional difficulty or are struggling with something such as addiction etc. • Support around traumatic and critical incidents in the workplace. You suddenly have a very compelling reason to be asking yourself not ‘what’s this EAP malarkey all about?’ but rather ‘why haven’t I got one?’ For any further information please call us on 0800 0305182.

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