Different Employment Law for Scotland?

Peninsula Team

December 10 2013

In a document recently published by the Scottish Government, several proposals were laid out which set the stall for an independent Scotland, including various plans for the future of employment law in Scotland. It appears that, should Scotland become an independent nation, it would overturn some of the recent changes to employment law that have been introduced by the UK Government. Many of these recent changes have been advantageous for employers. A reversal in Scotland may see the favour swing back, in the workplace, to the employees. The proposals include:
  • Reinstating the 90 day consultation period when 100 or more redundancies are proposed within 90 days. The UK Government reduced this figure to 45 days earlier this year;
  • Repealing legislation which implemented the new status of employee shareholder. Again only recently introduced, this move established a special kind of employee who did not have rights to claim unfair dismissal but had to be given a certain amount of shares in the business;
  • Increasing national minimum wage in line with inflation each year;
  • Encouraging wider usage of the ‘living wage’. Although not a legal requirement, employers can choose to comply with the living wage which is set higher than the minimum wage. It is set at a level which is deemed to be enough to eliminate poverty.
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