Encourage your employees to be advocates of your business on social media

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

August 18 2015

Encourage your employees to be advocates of your business on social media; whilst this may sound impossible there are certain initiatives you can implement that may help deliver this. For example, by encouraging your employees to join social media and follow your business, you will not only increase your amount of followers you have, but  you will also reach a wider audience through employees engaging with your brand. Furthermore, offer incentives to individuals who can engage and build a rapport with businesses, encourage them to pen original content. In order to control what is posted, you need a social media coordinator, someone that can help steer the direction of the online brand, whilst at the same time collating and posting content. It is important that you have one set coordinator otherwise it could result in mixed messages being posted about the business, which can be a major disadvantage moving forward. Your online message should be positive, interactive and meaningful to the business. Controlling the message and steering the direction of the messages ensuring that you avoid any negative comments being posted. Encourage engagement with your employees; ask them to submit developments within their departments that can be seen as positive and bring value to those that interact. Interaction is something you wish to encourage, and if you attract attention leading to subsequent enquiries, then this is an ideal scenario. You can offer employees small incentives to encourage engagement such as vouchers; time off work, the best piece of content receives an iPad etc. These are just a number of initiatives that I hope can increase your social media appeal and encourage engagement with your staff. For advice on implementing a social media policy within your business contact Peninsula on 0800 028 2420.

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