Ensure the boundary lines between work-life and personal life are not blurred.

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

April 14 2015

I’m hopeful that these tips can be of use and they can equally apply to both employer and employee. I think it’s very important to have a clear divide between what is work-life and personal time, and more importantly to try and stick with this belief. Something that we are all guilty of is working through our lunch break, we need to try and reclaim this time. We live in a society where people need to be in communication with us around the clock and with increased workloads and impending deadlines sometimes getting time to ourselves can be difficult. However we need to find that time, spending a short time away from the office can help us recharge our batteries, it provides us with time to think, socialise with our colleagues and helps reduce stress, what better way than to reclaim the lunch hour. Make sure that boundary lines between work-life and personal life are not blurred. At the end of the day try not to take work home with you, however should you need to then make sure you dedicate space and time to undertake the work. Again employees and employees should be conscious not to make a habit of it. If employees are continually taking work home and this also includes yourself, then you may need to re-examine time management, look at workload and whether delegation is the answer. You, as an employer, need to be conscious that you are not overloading your workforce or certain individuals with excessive workloads. Remember my advice should also be applied to yourself, whilst stress can be good allowing us to strive for targets and objectives the factors outlined above can go a long way to managing stress levels effectivly.

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