Ensure your company cars are prepared for Winter driving

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

February 02 2015

Winter driving is of course more difficult than at any other time of the year, so you need to ensure that your cars have the right tyres in place to face the adverse weather conditions. An employee who may be based in London will have different roads and conditions to navigate than say someone in rural Scotland who may be prone to snow and ice. So look at local terrains, employees based in various parts of the United Kingdom will have the sufficient knowledge of the locality. So if need be fit the car with tyres that sufficient for the weather and roads that are driven daily. Ensure the car has the right lights for the roads especially with the dark nights and the likelihood of fog. All lights should be tested on a regular basis and renewed so that they offer protection to the driver and other road users. Make sure the battery of the car has adequate power, again check on a regular basis. Also note that the cold weather can impact the performance of your battery so again check to ensure peak performance. Remember to check you have antifreeze to hand and water in your cooling system. Something a lot of people forget is to ensure you have enough cleaning fluid to wash your windscreens. Driving on a motorway will produce grime, oil and other contamination, ensure that you have enough cleaning fluid to clear your front and back windscreen which will allow you to be able to see clearly. Furthermore check that your cleaning fluid is sufficient for all weathers. Remember, check your oil levels and brake fluid. Check that your brakes are adequate for winter weather conditions and are able to work in extreme weather conditions. If possible ensure all employees are effectively trained on how to deal with skidding on ice and other adverse conditions. Make sure that everyone carries supplies in the car, a spade, spare phone battery, water, windscreen cleaning fluid, salt, warm clothing, a blanket and of course food such as a chocolate bar. This will ensure you the driver has sufficient tools should they break down or be stranded as a result of poor weather conditions. Following and implementing common sense advice will hopefully ensure that your company car drivers, and of course yourself, do not run into difficulty this winter and that your company cars are safely prepared to navigate the UK’s roads.

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