Peninsula Team

August 26 2011

A forward-thinking digital marketing strategy can play a key role in revenue generation but many UK businesses still aren't planning ahead. Whether through a lack of time, money or both, the need to make a website more profitable often falls by the wayside. What is left is a website that struggles in the digital age with a low number of visitors and an unprofitable volume of sales.

On the flip side, there are many examples of companies getting their digital strategies right. Specialist search agency theEword have worked with some of the UK’s largest companies over the last five years and they offer success studies on how three different digital channels can help a business grow sales.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – Richard Haworth is a small UK trade supplier of boutique linen. After just six months under their new SEO campaign, their website was ranking on page one of Google for all six primary keywords – many for the very first time. Total traffic to the site increased by 56 per cent. And most importantly of all, the SEO campaign achieved a measurable return on investment of £1:£5.

Pay per click (PPC) –Managed Communications is a company that supplies high-performance data networks to businesses. Over a 12-month period, the company saw the number of relevant leads from PPC increase by 50%, at the same time as the cost to get each lead fell by a third. Through hard work the PPC campaign helped Managed Communications get much more for less.

Mobile marketing
– Gateley is a law firm with offices in England, Scotland and Dubai and a history stretching back more than 200 years. It used to rely on printed pamphlets to share information about statutory changes, before deciding the time had come to launch a mobile site. Now, visitors benefit from the opportunity to read more-up-to-date legal updates and use services such as aredundancy pay calculator on a mobile device, while the company saves money on printing costs and gains exposure on new platforms. 

To find out more about the SEO, PPC and mobile marketing services offered by theEword, visit http://theeword.co.uk/ or call our business development manager Kleon West on 0161 877 3898.

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