Flexible Working: What Employers Need To Know

Peninsula Team

July 07 2014

On 30 June 2014 the Employment Act will be modified to tie up what some employees have seen as discrimination in the law surrounding requests for flexible working.
  • Since 2003, parents have been allowed to request flexible working from their employers, if certain conditions are met.
  • In 2007, this right was extended to anyone with caring duties (as defined by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills).
  • On 30 June, this right will be extended to all employees.
While some employers are concerned about this development, it needs reiterating that employers are under no obligation to grant requests. If they perceive significant adverse effects on their businesses, they can reject the requests – and the automatic right to appeal will be dropped on 30 June, too. Peninsula has put together a free white paper dealing with the current (pre-30 June) law and detailing the changes that will occur, which you can download here. The paper also includes our survey of a number of our advisors, gauging their experiences of flexible working requests from Peninsula’s clients. The results are enlightening, and will hopefully allay employers’ worst fears about the change. It’s an essential read for any employer, so please use it to familiarise yourself with the changes. Download Our Free Flexible Rights to Working White Paper If you’re in need of further information or advice about flexible working, the Employment Act, or any other element of employment law, contact Peninsula online today, or call 0800 0282 420.

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