Freshening up the office to freshen up workplace morale

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

January 19 2016

With the post-Christmas blues still very much in effect, and with the fact that January feels like the longest and bleakest month of the year, it becomes easy for employees to become withdrawn within the workplace. One of the consequences of this are that employees may start to question whether they are content and satisfied within their current role. Whilst January can be hard month for employees and employers alike, it is the employers who will suffer the burden of losing staff if their employees believe that the grass is greener with another company. The office environment is one of the biggest factors that affect the mood of your employees, with a stale and stagnant atmosphere often contributing to apathetic and disengaged workers. It may seem trivial to place so much emphasis on the layout and feel of the workplace, but small changes can really make the difference. Remember, the positive changes you implement now will not only impact employee morale in January, but for the rest of 2016. A change will do you good It’s never a good feeling when you come back to work after a break to the same old desk and tired décor that has seen better days. It begins to feel like groundhogs day, which does nothing to boost employees’ enthusiasm and productivity. Creating a more stimulating work environment doesn’t necessary require a deep pocket or a specialist interior designer, but rather small touches that will help add a point of interest and brighten up the office. These may include bringing outside elements indoors through introducing plants or flowers into the workplace. Not only will this freshen up the office, but they also bring a feel-good factor, representing the fact that warmer weather is on its way. Artwork is another way to introduce more personality into the work environment. This doesn’t have to be an investment piece, it could be something company orientated, created by the employees themselves. Getting the employees involved in how the office looks, will help them feel more integrated into company life and make the work environment less sterile and more conducive to productivity. Personalisation As humans we are often at our happiest when we are surrounded by things that remind us of our personal lives or reflect our personality. For this reason, adding personal elements to the workplace is great way to make employees feel comfortable and content whilst at work. Employees should be encouraged to decorate their desks and personal space (within reason) with small trinkets and pictures that mean something to them. Alternatively, as a community, employees could be tasked with decorating communal areas, which could include fun photos taken around the office or from celebratory events. Finally, employers should look towards building an area in the office which is dedicated to celebrating employees’ achievements, whether it is a personal success outside of work or a major success relating to a particular project within work. Taking the time to show that you value who your employees are and what they bring to the company will ultimately help employees feel more connected to the place they work and happy within their job role.  

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