Get 100 Percent From Your Employees

Peninsula Team

December 09 2011

Despite the recession and during a time of apathy, how do you get employees to demonstrate their worth to the business?

Having read various business books on, ‘achieving excellence through leadership qualities and employee engagement’, it has never been more prevalent today than to consider how a business can stay ahead of the game. Consumers these days are naturally expecting more for their money. With this being the case, businesses retain their customers because their service is superior to competitors’ or customers come back again because they see the value in the product.

It is very difficult during a time when we are raising our heads above the sand storms, in this economic climate business leaders need to be creative and innovative and invent stilts to avoid the storm and rise above the resounding chaos. The requirements are almost like using a candle in the day time to find a missing key; the answers are not far away, but we need to use the right tools and in the right way.

There are a number of basic principles that business leaders can adopt to be good at executing basic business tasks. Of the studies undertaken with business leaders, they are generally honest about the means to achieving the successes, put simply, they advocate that the best product is the thinking within the company and in many respects this source of innovation is ignored by business leaders. The employee engagement theorists provide practical tools which encourages creative thinking, ways to promote a stimulating environment leading to action. By promoting certain attributes, such as listening to the customer, which means where we listen to those we serve, we are more likely to be aware of the changes that need to happen in order to improve the service or product early on.

Therefore listening to the right people internally and externally, by way of surveys for example and by supporting the right behaviours such as ‘inspiring your people to think like a customer’ can add value and change the outcome to benefit the customer.

The integration of the workforce with the leader’s idea of what they want out of the organisation, promotes an environment where the employees feel part of its growth because they see their contribution and their added value. As a direct consequence of this they are more likely to put themselves out there and perform better in order to achieve the business goals, by urging them to think, do we want to do better and sometimes with less? By promoting and rewarding these behaviours, you get people who get more than basic job satisfaction, you get a workforce who promotes the brand and protects it from poor service levels by rectifying the issues in advance. The adopted approach states that the relationship is two-fold, by showing and reinforcing how worthy your employees are to the business they in turn recognise that worth and act accordingly.

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