Getting internet policies in place, especially in the run up to Christmas

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

November 28 2014

Black Friday, the day when crazy prices are offered and bargains galore can be snapped up. However for the employer this can be a headache as it’s also the day employees like to log onto the internet shop for a great bargain online. Yes the odd five minutes internet browsing session (longer if surfing occurs throughout lunch) is not going to hurt anyone, however what happens when employees waste additional time browsing for bargains when they should be working? This is where rules and procedures need to be in place in the form of HR policies, these should cover not just Black Friday but be valid all year. Online sales are a regular occurrence, not just at Christmas or New Year, so temptation is always there for those that like a bargain. Internet and email policies are very important for a business, with more employees needing access to the internet it is vital that you put in place rules and procedures that ensue employees know what they can and cannot access and when they can utilise websites. Additionally you also need to police your policies, there is no use implementing such rules if you are not going to enforce them. However what is equally important is the fact that you must communicate any such policies to all of your staff. So remember draft up procedures, ensure they are watertight, seek advice if unsure, communicate to staff and make sure you police them, hopefully online web browsing throughout work time will not impact productivity. If you need any advice in drafting rules and procedures then let me know and I will be happy to assist or via @alan__price on twitter.  

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