Good month & bad month

Peninsula Team

May 24 2017

Good month for B&Q and Tesco …  B&Q and Tesco have partnered with business consultants Timewise to help part-time retail workers climb the career ladder. Together they’ve launched a 12-month pilot scheme aiming to identify and overcome the constraints of part-time working for staff in senior positions. The retail industry is the UK’s largest private sector employer, with an estimated 1.5 million people paid either at or just above the National Minimum Wage—most of whom work part time. Bad month for John Lewis… Retailer John Lewis has had its profits dented by £36 million due to a payroll error that breached National Minimum Wage rules. The company said the issue was linked to the use of pay averaging, which spreads its workers’ pay evenly over the year. Although all John Lewis staff received the correct annual salary, those on hourly rates sometimes saw their pay dip below the minimum wage when they worked extra hours, breaching HMRC rules. Thousands of John Lewis staff could be due a top-up, and John Lewis’s backdated employer’s national insurance, pension contributions and other associated costs could soar to £36 million.

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