Good to see progress being made against dementia.

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

April 15 2015

I’m pleased to see news that there has been a breakthrough in dementia, although there is not a cure on the horizon understanding the building blocks of disease is important and will help pave the way for hopefully a solution. My only concern is that we often see a lot of stories in the press that provide hope and then, for whatever reason, you never read about it again so I hope that the latest developments. I know that dementia is something that affects so many people whether it be directly to the individual or to someone close to them. Our counselling arm at Health Assured receives many calls per year from those where dementia affects them, people do need to time to absorb the news, live with the condition or of course provide vital care, it is important that as employers we stand by our employees offering support when they need it most.

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