Government names & shames 179 UK employers

Peninsula Team

March 09 2018

The government has named and shamed 179 employers for not paying workers in line with the National Minimum and Living Wages. Here are the headlines you need to know:
  • The largest offender was Wagamama (a national restaurant chain that sells Asian food), which underpaid workers by an average of £50 each, totalling £133,212.
  • 179 employers fined a staggering total of £1.3million.
  • Total number of underpaid workers: 9,200
  • Average underpayment per worker: £6,124
  • Hospitality was the most common sector for underpayment, followed by hairdressers and retail.
  • Of the 179 employers, 56 were named and shamed for underpaying just one worker.
  • Top reason for underpayment: employers unaware that making workers pay for their uniforms affects NMW.
As well as backpay, the shamed employers must pay fines that double the amount they owe their workers, so if you owe your workers £2000, your fine is £4000. Think you’re at risk? Call the employment law experts at Peninsula today.

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