Guiding You Through BusinessWise Developments

Peninsula Team

October 07 2009

Wednesday 30 September 2009 saw the release of a range of new features to further enhance Peninsula’s exclusive online service BusinessWise. Peninsula’s clients who are registered for this complimentary service have a host of functionality available to them which support and enhance the Consultancy services provided - these have just got a whole lot better!

Notification By Email

A fantastically simple feature to help ensure clients never miss important Messages generated within their BusinessWise account; Email Alerts is an easy to use opt-in’ feature, available from the My Account area of the site, which permits users to specify which email alerts they wish to receive.

<< Email Alerts opt-in feature

These include important reminders such as Holidays Next Week; Outstanding Safety Responsibilities and staff Probationary Periods. As with all BusinessWise features the provision of this feature is based upon the access rights granted and upon the Agreement for Services the client has with Peninsula.

SafetyWise Responsibility Planner: One-Off Jobs

Users of the essential SafetyWise Responsibility Planner are now able to use this feature to control and assign one-off’ Health & Safety jobs to BusinessWise users.

>> Set re/occurrence of Responsibility

This has been made possible by developments to allow a Responsibility to be entered and the frequency set to Once’. Based on the Action Date this will be diarised along with the reoccurring SafetyWise Responsibilities. When the Action Date has passed, the job will be flagged as Outstanding by the Umbrellas Alert System within BusinessWise; but once completed will not be diarised again for the future.

Responsibility Planner: Outstanding Responsibilities Report

The SafetyWise Responsibility Planner is an extremely effective tool in assisting Peninsula’s clients in the ongoing management of health and safety responsibilities; now this has been further improved by the addition of the Outstanding Responsibilities report. This identifies any responsibilities that have yet to be completed; shows who the Responsibility is assigned to and how many days overdue the Responsibility actually is - a simple but powerful tool which allows users (with the appropriate access rights) to control and manage important Health & Safety Responsibilities

ERM and H&S Guidance Notes - made easy

Significant improvements have been made to the display and layout of these essential reference materials, available to assist clients in understanding what the law says’ in the key areas of Employment and also Health & Safety (N.B. Guidance Notes are now also fully available to Irish clients).

>> Improved layout of ERM

Improvements include Options panels which are much more instinctive’ in use and as these panels are expandable / collapsible this also maximises the on-screen reading area for the chosen section.

With these changes users are able to easily locate, bookmark and - if needed, print - SafetyWise Guidance Notes and Employment Reference Manual content.

SafetyWise Accident Reporting

Maintaining appropriate and easily retrievable records of accidents in the workplace is often easier said than done, however the fantastic SafetyWise Accident Reporting feature - now also available to Irish clients - offers an easy to use electronic alternative to solely paper-based reporting and offers some distinct advantages: clients will always be able to locate and view consistent and legible copies of Accident Reports, even when away from the business.

BusinessWise creates legally-compliant accident report forms for printing - ensuring a signature of the person(s) involved can be obtained and a hard-copy retained on file. This means clients are not only meeting legal obligations but the legible, easy to follow forms may also help in protecting the business from litigation in the future.

>> New Accident Summary Report

Additionally this feature now offers a convenient Management Information Report which provides a graphical summary of the types of Accident logged via BusinessWise, allowing trend analysis for any given period to be made - another real benefit exclusively available to Peninsula clients.

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