Here’s what I know: open communication boosts loyalty and engagement

Peter Done: Managing Director and Founder

September 30 2019

I was looking through the topics we cover in this month’s In the Loop newsletter and one thing struck me straight away. It all comes down to communication, really…

Annual leave. Flexible working. Payslips. Clock changes. There are regulations around all of these things that need to be followed.

As employers, we must ensure that we adhere to even the smallest details of employment law, so we don’t ever find ourselves in a position where we’ve overlooked something and opened ourselves up to potential legal action.

Of course, that’s where Peninsula comes in. So when you need help in any area of employment law, however big or small, our advice desk is always ready to help on 0800 028 2420 .

But just adhering to the law isn’t quite enough. As a good employer, you need to communicate with your employees so they understand why you’ve taken the decisions you have and implemented the processes that you’ve chosen.

Here’s how open communication boosts your business:

1. It empowers your employees

86% of executives blame workplace failures on a lack of collaboration and poor communication. And yet so many either can’t communicate well or shy away from it…

For example, sometimes flexible working simply isn’t an option in certain workplaces, environments and situations, as we discuss in more detail in this issue. So it’s vital to explain why to employees so they don’t become disgruntled or disenfranchised.

Explaining the context of a decision is absolutely essential and empowers your employees to understand and feel involved.

2. It increases engagement

Open communication enables employees to be more engaged in the business and to understand that they all make a contribution to the bigger picture. That starts from the top.

Management needs to communicate the company’s goals, so everyone within the organisation understands they have a role to play in the company’s overall success.

3. It fosters loyalty

Of course it’s necessary to be discerning about the information you share, but share as much as you can about the organisation’s strategy and goals. An “us versus them” mentality within organisations creates divisions when you should all be pulling in the same direction.

A more open approach and a sense of teamwork fosters loyalty and employee engagement.

4. It makes employees feel valued

Successes should be acknowledged and rewarded as well as communicated throughout the organisation. At Peninsula we set great store by our incentives and rewards, big and small, and we celebrate our employees’ achievements publicly through the company.

Open communication isn’t always easy…

And one final point. Peter Drucker, one of the most famous and influential thinkers of management, said, “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.”

So, don’t just take as read that what people say is how they actually feel. They might well be saying what they think you want to hear. Watch out for body language, for people’s reactions, and for the unspoken communication cues.

These can sometimes tell you more about how your employees are feeling, and can give you a far better reading of the temperature within your organisation.

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