How attitudes affect morale?

Peninsula Team

May 05 2013

How attitudes affect morale? How do you deal with an employee who may feel disadvantaged and may have a chip on their shoulder but isn’t willing to bring it up?

Attitudes can affect even the most successful of working environments. This can be in a positive or negative way depending on whether the attitude is deemed acceptable or unacceptable. Issues with poor attitude can be particularly harmful to companies that are customer based. There employees attitude will therefore not only have an adverse effect on their colleagues but also on their customers. When customers are affected ultimately business is affected and this can lead to many problems in terms of repeat custom and even profit.

Elements of a bad attitude can also affect the performance of the rest of your workforce. When a poor attitude is displayed by any of your employees it can have an adverse effect on the morale of your workforce. This could then lead to a decrease in performance due to the spreading of the attitude. This is particular common when certain employees begin to show elements of discontent which may then spread to the whole workforce.

If you are able to notice when an employee has “a chip on their shoulder” then this should be communicated from an early stage. In this situation you are able to stop the spreading of discontent throughout the workforce. Also by listening and communicating with certain employees their issues may be resolved due to a previous misunderstanding. Taking an interest in your employees is key in this situation as their discontent may begin with feeling un-noticed by the company. By noticing your employees this could boost their morale as they may feel as though they are important to the organisation. In situations where they won’t communicate their issues it might be effective to communicate their importance to the company so that they understand the importance of their attitude.

As with many issues of this nature communication is a key factor. It is important that this communication is clear and understandable by all parties to ensure that issues are not confused. In terms of attitude and employee morale this is an important method of resolving any problems as you do not know how to help an employee unless you know what is bothering them. You should also instruct the employee that if their attitude continues to affect theirs and others productivity then stricter action could be taken. This could encourage your employees to communicate their issues whenever they have them.

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