How To Become A Better Manager

Peninsula Team

May 18 2012

The importance of an engaged workforce is critical to the success of any organisation. An engaged individual is someone who is committed to the goals and values of the organisation and motivated to contribute to its continuing success. There are processes which can be raised or lowered through the actions taken by Managers, in other words the Managers are directly responsible for the engagement of their people and the subsequent success of the business.

Of those studies conducted to measure engagement, senior management’s vision and communication is a key driver of engagement and positive perceptions of one’s line manager are strongly linked with engagement. People will go that extra mile if they feel fulfilled and encouraged to be the best that they can be, it is the Managers’ who are responsible for making that happen. Whilst an employee is contractually obliged to work and undertake their daily duties, people will only work as hard as they have to, in order to get paid.

A Manager’s role is that of the leader and their behaviours should reflect their own beliefs and expectations on working practices. Their working ethos should be demonstrated consistently, realistically how can a Manager ask an individual to behave or work in a certain way when they are not prepared to do so themselves.

A very simple formula is to work in a fair and consistent way with your team. Inspire individuals by what you say and what you do, this is key to motivating them. There is nothing more sustainable than an employee who works consistently, particularly when they know that all their work is contributing to the success of the business, they will do so because they want to, not because they are concerned about the punishment, the outcome will generate more powerful results.

The number of times, in my experience I have witnessed Managers’ fail to convey simple praise and encouragement to employees, they become so busy in their daily administrative meetings and tasks that they forget about their own people. Often they recognise their own team when something has gone wrong and they are forced to deal with the issue in a harsh manner. An effective Manager should know their individuals, what motivates them, that way they can predict and prevent problems before they occur.

Managers need to see that the success of the business will only happen when all of their team contribute to this. This can be achieved simply, hold your team accountable and make sure they do what they say they will, use open and fair communication, encourage and influence in a positive way, simple, but the results can be amazing.

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