How to Get the Most Out Of Your Workforce

Peninsula Team

April 06 2012

Saving money is a whole new financial objective and just as important as making money. In this current climate the objective of saving money has never been more prevalent. A good time to take the reins and pave the way, is to do so at the start of a new financial year.

Cost cutting can be achieved by looking at ways in which a business can save money, this can be achieved by looking at the current expenditure and finding ways to cut the internal costs.

Preparing a budget is a very important part of that process, regardless of the size of a business the budget will help to make your business a more viable entity. It is essentially a plan, which is used to identify how much money you want to spend and to save, based upon how much money has been allocated for the coming financial year. The cap on the company spend, puts an anchor on the business, so that the financial activity can be monitored and adjusted accordingly. Quarterly reviews are the most effective way of ensuring that the business is sticking to the financial plan.

A lean business means that you are operating at an effective level, doing more with less, getting the job done by being less wasteful. Operating in this way will mean you can save costs by reducing overhead costs and removing pointless expenses.

Bottom line productivity is a further way of reducing costs, without risking the reduction in capabilities and performance. You can manage and optimise the time of every employee to ensure that the majority of their time is spent on work that generates the revenue for the business. A simple analysis and time log of the time spent on non-revenue producing activities can be replaced with revenue producing activities.

One example of measurement is to include the use of key performance indicators, they are designed to provide a series of measures against which internal managers and external customers can judge the business and how it is likely to succeed over the long and medium term. The measures are designed to give employees clear goals and objectives, which relate to the overall success of the business. In addition to which, simple motivation techniques such as rewards and incentives, are rewarded to those individuals who exceed their set objectives, which means they deserve it based upon their performance. Thus, reinforcing a performance led environment will focus employees on the right activities for success, making a leaner and more efficient business.

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