How to grow your business with Google Ads

Peninsula Team

November 08 2018

Thanks to mobile technology, the internet’s more accessible than ever. It’s even changed consumer buying habits… at least until the next technological revolution, anyway. But today, consumers go online to buy products and services, and they also spend time researching brands they aren’t aware of. If you still doubt the internet is now the number one choice for consumers, just take a look at the latest Yellow Pages. As you’ll see, it’s getting a little skinny. And that’s because: ● 71% of consumers begin their journeys by using an online search engine to discover new products and services* ● Studies show between 70-80% of people research a company online before they visit a small business or make a purchase with them** Those figures highlight the enormous growth of online consumer searches. They also highlight the importance of showcasing your business online, where your potential customers are looking for you. In fact, it’s essential to stay competitive. So what’s your best option? Unlock the power of Google Ads Google Ads is Google’s advertising network. You see their ads every time you do a Google search, and you can pay Google to have your business appear there. It offers you the perfect way to build your business, as it can quickly put you right in front of your potential customers. It’s targeted, meaning you show your ads to the type of people who want to buy your products and services. And, once again, the figures make for startling reading: ● Google owns 71% of the search market share ( ● Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network (comScore) ● Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users (Google Benchmarks and Insights) If you’re not used to marketing your business online, those figures can be a little overwhelming. However, they simply mean that the vast majority of your potential customers are now looking for you online. Example Google Ad campaign results Here are the results from just a few of the many businesses currently using Google Ads: Berwick Shellfish ● Ten-fold rise in new customers, with 70-80% of online sales coming via Google Ads ● 40 staff now employed by the business BUILT Building Merchant ● 1,000+ online orders (467% uplift) and 5,100 phone calls (175.6% uplift) in just six months ● £150,000+ online sales in six months WIT Fitness ● 135% increase in sales and a 1000% return on ad spend ● £53,000 Google Ads Revenue over Black Friday weekend The downside of Google Ads If you’re new to Google Ads, the three main problems are: 1. It can take time to get it right as there’s a fairly steep learning curve 2. The ads are short and can take some practice before you see real results 3. Works best when you direct your ad clicks through to a website or page specific to your ad Don’t let that put you off. When you get it right, the results can be truly business building. And you can get it right quickly by grabbing this exclusive special offer today… Limited FREE offer for Peninsula clients The Peninsula Group has teamed up with Google Premier Partners, Adzooma, to offer you an easy way to attract targeted visitors to your business. Adzooma creates and manages your Google Advertising for you. It’s quick, cost-effective, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Grab one of 50 free spaces right now and let Adzooma start attracting targeted leads, customers or clients straight to your website. Here’s what you get ● One month of Google advertising (worth £299) ● A matching bespoke business website (if you already have a website, don’t worry. This is specifically designed for your ad campaigns) How to claim your free offer Take advantage of this free one-month offer today and see how Google Ads can grow your business. Email your name, business name, web URL, phone number and quote “Adzooma” to * ** Source:

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