How to implement a summer motivation programme for staff.

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

July 06 2015

Summer has arrived however for many employers it can be an issue to maintain productivity and incentivise staff, many businesses also face increased absenteeism; so what can businesses do to ensure that the workplace does not take a hit when the thermometer rises? The Summer months often mean employees are out of the office on vacation or hot weather can impact productivity and occasionally many employees lose focus, however there are a number of incentives that you can implement that will help you retain productivity levels. Firstly you need to plan ahead, you need to review which employees are absent from work, look at what departments will be hardest hit and plan in advance. This way you can implement the right resources so hopefully you should not experience a downturn in productivity. Discuss with the employee concerned what work needs to be completed whilst they are away. A little forward planning can very much help. Other incentives that I recommend include embracing the Summer weather and treating employees to some well deserved refreshments, think ice cream, lollies and distribute them to your employees as a way of saying thank you and shows that you appreciate their efforts. Pub lunches can also be effective for a number of reasons, firstly they are great at bringing your employees together and allows them to socialise, an opportunity that may not always be affordable throughout the workday. It provides workers with an opportunity to communicate, helping to bring the business together.   Secondly it allows employees to enjoy time away from the office and shows that you are appreciative of their efforts. Be mindful and encourage responsible drinking especially when it comes to those employees who drive or operate machinery. Wearing office attire on hot days can prove to be an issue or at the very least a nuisance so consider allowing employees to dress more casually. On occasion a more casual workplace can mean people lose focus, so ensure everyone knows they need to maintain standards of productivity. Finally implement incentives that, if met, will allow employees to leave a little early and enjoy the sunshine. Again any incentives set must be fair and applicable to both full time and part time employees. This can be great motivation for everyone, including parents who wish to spend more time with their families. Hopefully the above incentives and initiative will help your business and potentially help to reduce absenteeism whilst maintaining high standards of productivity. It will also help to encourage a positive workplace which can be good for both the employee and employer.

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